October 22, 2018

Risky Business

Risky Business

Insurance/Secret Agent

One insurance agent may have mixed up his role with that of a secret agent, having stolen and forged 22 identities in a scheme to fraudulently collect on commissions. According to court documents, the agent had filed 28 applications for life insurance in six months using stolen identities. He used...


Swindled and fined

A motorist was the unknowing victim of a car insurance scam. A student, he needed to renew his car insurance premium but was on the lookout for a cheaper premium. He then saw an advert on the Student Union notice board which advertised cheap car insurance deals. He rang the number...


Life fraud

A couple was arrested in a life insurance scam when they began using insurance papers of terminally ill clients to get access to funds. The man who worked as an insurance agent listed his wife as the beneficiary of terminally ill clients. The terminal illness was not disclosed to the...


Pay the Bill!

A woman who cleaned out her bank account to avoid paying a long-overdue insurance bill was ordered to perform 200 hours of unpaid community work as punishment. She pleaded guilty to a charge of removing property prior to bankruptcy after authorities discovered anomalies while managing her bankrupt estate. Her lawyer said his...



An insurance agent was found stealing from innocent victims’ retirement funds using his hedge fund business amassing a fortune over three years. He used the funds for personal expenses such as down payment for a condo, day trading, loan pay-offs and such till the authorities were alerted. He has now...


The ‘quick fix’

A restaurant owner in the middle of an ugly divorce saw his financial ruin on the cards and came up with a ‘workable’ solution: to gut his restaurant, collect the insurance and frame his wife as a terrorist. Apparently the insured was already being given the talk by his creditors,...


Life hacks

In other markets, a man legally changed his gender so he could get cheaper car insurance. The man decided to share his ‘hack’ on social media to tell the world on how to save money. He became a woman on paper to lower the costs of his insurance on his...


Behind private lines

A woman was at a family funeral and sitting in a stationery car with her grandmother. They looked up to see a van reversing toward her. She tried her in vain to signal and tell him to stop, but the hit took place and it looked like the entire driver-side...


Sleep racers

A woman who ran a sleep study clinic has been convicted on charges of running a healthcare fraud that siphoned millions of dollars from insurers. Patients who were referred by their doctors to the clinic for sleep studies were solicited “supplemental but medically unnecessary studies” as well. She covered the...


Fraudulent Principal

A high school principal was caught lying in her insurance application about her address to save on costs. She used a colleague’s address for two years consecutively, filed two insurance claims too. The claims brought her under the radar of the insurer. Once she realised she was being investigated, she...

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