June 26, 2017

Risky Business

Risky Business

The explosion

A woman filed a products liability claim after her arm exercise tracker exploded, giving her second-degree burns. In her claim she said that she only had the device for a short while and it exploded while she was reading a book. The tracker completely melted the doctor had to pick...


Crime never pays

A woman who set fire to her house with an intent to insurance fraud, has confessed to her crime. The incident led to the death of a firefighter. The woman allegedly conspired with her husband to set fire to the house in order to collect an insurance payout. Her husband...


The cover boogie

An insurance company has come under fire after using a traditional, indigenous dance form in its advertisement. Numerous people have commented on social media channels, labeling the ad as cultural appropriation. The company defended the ad saying it was respecting the tradition and worked with a specialist in the art...


Robin Hood

A disgruntled former employee of a hotel chain hacked into the reservation system and slashed room rents to minimal rates, costing the hotel a tonne of money. The man had been fired a few months back and he was ordered to stay away from the company computer system. However, he...


A Ram & a goat

An insured went to visit her friend in a rural area. Her truck was parked in the driveway of the property. While she was inside her friend’s house, she heard a series of bangs and crashes. When they went outside to investigate the noise, they saw a goat ramming into...


Murder, she wrote

A woman who stood to gain USD10,000 from the death of a family friend has been charged in the man’s murder. The man was fatally shot in his head while delivering food. Months earlier, prosecutors said, he named the family friend and one-time roommate the beneficiary of the life-insurance policy....


Hotels are now smart

Hoteliers are now getting the better of fraudsters who approach their insurers with exaggerated and fraudulent insurance claims, which they say are pushing costs to the point where some businesses may have to close. Some claims have been pushed by guests who the hotels do not even recollect the incident!...


Fire for insurance

Three people have been charged with setting fire to their house for insurance money.  One of the residents was also charged with tampering with evidence. When the police went to arrest him on the charge of aggravated arson, he allegedly fled into a residence nearby and attempted to destroy documents...


Police chase

After some Saturday afternoon shopping, an insured was cruising down highway with his wife at the wheel and his three grandkids in the back seat. Out of nowhere, an SUV slammed into the rear of the family’s car. The driver allegedly speeding and swerving through traffic was escaping from the...


Sofa bumper

An insured was driving her two-seater convertible on her lunch break. She reported that out of nowhere there was a couch in the middle of the freeway in her lane. There were cars on either lane beside her and she couldn’t do anything but slam brakes. “The couch” not only...

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