November 17, 2018



Crazy Fish!

As wicked as the name sounds, Crazy Fish must not be taken literally. The menu is quite sane, I assure you, and equally delicious too. Hidden away around the corner from Beefbar, this haunt for seafood lovers greets with a full display of different kinds of seafood. And then your...

Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar at the Radisson Blue Dubai Waterfront at Business Bay

Fire it Up!

Dubai is always full of surprises. This month we visited the Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar at the Radisson Blue Dubai Waterfront at Business Bay, a charming restaurant overlooking an expanse of water not unlike the Marina. While the walkway was deserted at the post-work timing, it was...


Connoisseurs of Meat

It’s not easy to get the perfect bite of flavourful, juicy, tender, mouthwatering steak. Beefbar of Monaco fame, has set up at the Al Fattan Currency House (at what used to be Cle) and does a pretty good job of it. Speaking of pretty, the entrance foyer of the restaurant...


From China to Cuba

Over to the Latino vibe. This month we visited Asia de Cuba, in the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi. The restaurant has been around for three months. The foyer leading to the restaurant is quite understated until you walk into plush, colourful interiors. It is a picturesque setting with quite a...


Playful Peruvian Cuisine

Perhaps the reason Peruvian cuisine has become so commonplace here is probably because it is so much like the Middle East, a confluence of different nationalities and cultures. Take for instance Dubai – close to 200 nationalities populate this emirate. Likewise Peruvian cuisine has historical influences from across the globe...


Contemporary Japanese Creations

Dubai is now famed for its restaurant variety – from edgy, experimental, to classic, authentic cuisines. Japanese seems to be the haute cuisine here from the many establishments that are opening up. Enter Oni, named after a fierce demon spirit, a Japanese restaurant by chef Mohammed Islam of Atelier fame,...


Communal Oasis

There’s a new ‘It’ place near the DIFC, and it is in Emirates Towers. Judging by the sheer numbers of people trying to gain access on a Sunday, Ninive seems to have stirred up a positive vibe. The setting is unassumingly outdoorsy and the surrounded by lush greenery, with rambling...


Rustically Refined

Chef David Myers has brought a novel concept to Dubai, that of a French farmhouse concept with class and elegance. This rustic meets refined concept however does not compromise on the menu. The imposing blue door to the restaurant opens into a quaint little foyer with an elevator, which takes...


To Meet & Mingle

When was the last you went to a restaurant that took care of more than just food? Designed to be a community space where people can network, eat delectable food and have a great time, BB Social Dining is set up at three different levels. The interiors are cheerful yet...


For the love of Italian

We all love a restaurant that can firstly entice the taste buds and entertain with a fabulous view, as well as have a story to tell. Serafina, situated in the Souk Al Bahar premises has all three. The restaurant famously began when the founder Vittorio Assaf was lost at sea....

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