February 23, 2018



Catering to the Millennial Age

Selling to millennials requires a fair amount of education and a different approach, writes Talal Bayaa. As per the current trend, people in the UAE are going through lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, hence it is essential to keep handy an insurance policy that covers most...


Life gets a New Look

Swiss Re’s Sigma study on life insurance yields many strategies that organisations can employ in order to enhance long-term profitability. A Premium report. Life insurance has been at the receiving end of many regulations and draft rules that have been recently introduced by the regulators. Swiss Re’s latest sigma study...


The Known Unknowns

Peter Hodgins looks at the regulatory landscape of the life insurance market in the UAE and observes some uncertainties and consequences of current changes. The process of fundamentally overhauling the regulatory framework in the UAE for the life insurance sector continued apace throughout 2017. The process of change began in...


UAV– A New Exposure on the Horizon

Walid Sidani looks at the various factors that need to be taken into consideration while insuring drones. The MENA region is rapidly embracing innovation and automation to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction particularly in the aviation and transportation sector. The commercial use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), or what are...


Delivering ‘Gold Standards’

Aafiya’s latest suite of premium value-added healthcare services titled ‘Dahab’ strives to offer a unique approach in managing members’ health by infusing wellness and lifestyle benefits. Innovation is key to growth. Aafiya became the first TPA in the UAE to introduce wellness and lifestyle benefits as a complimentary tool attached...


Practical Reflections for Reinsurance Pricing

  Syed Danish Ali looks at the fundamentals of reinsurance pricing which include two key methodologies. There are a number of key considerations to be taken when pricing for reinsurance, especially for small and national reinsurers that generally lack the skills available to global multinational reinsurers. The approach taken is...


Hacked? What to Tell the Board

Be prepared for a “please explain” request from the board after a serious cybersecurity incident, writes Rob McMillan. The unscheduled power outage experienced by three Ukrainian power companies on December 23, 2015 was a game changer. It was a high profile cyberattack on the national infrastructure, which caused significant disruption to the...


The Legalities of Wellness

Tom Bicknell explores the regulatory implications of offering wellness services along with medical insurance. The UAE’s health insurance is arguably the most mature line of business in the industry. Comprehensive regulation at both Federal and Emirates level is in place and the roll-out of compulsory health coverage across Abu Dhabi...


Back to the Future?

Wayne Jones and Khiloni Jobanputra chart the development of insurance intermediation and distribution regulations in the UAE. Marty McFly: “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Doc, uh… Are you telling me you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?” Dr. Emmett L. Brown: “The way I see it, if...


Run-off, Health & Insurance

The insurance industry was privy to many key themes from healthcare to specialist risks and run-off. A Premium report. The UAE insurance industry had a busy period, with scores of conferences that featured valuable information for stakeholders. Premium has summarized some salient points from these events. Focus on clinical outcome...

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