February 17, 2019

Face to Face

Face to Face

The Mathematical Perspective

Would the insurance industry benefit from the services of a credit bureau in ushering in loftier professional standards witnessed in developed international markets? Marwan Ahmad Lutfi, CEO of the Al Etihad Credit Bureau, believes it would lend a different insight into pricing. One of the biggest challenges for an insurance...


‘Through partnerships, knowledge and confidence’

Massimo Falcioni, CEO of Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), emphasises on the need for corporate education and partnerships to increase insurance penetration and foreign direct investment (FDI). In an attempt to provide support for UAE-based entrepreneurs in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) segment, Etihad Credit Insurance, the UAE Federal export...


Partnerships make all the Difference

Premium speaks to Oussama A. Kaissi, chief executive officer of the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit on the organisation’s progress, struggles and outlook for the future. The potential for takaful and Islamic finance is undisputed, with Islamic finance attests expected to grow to USD3.8 trillion...


The Impact of Regulation

New regulations – local and global – will have a profound impact on the Middle East life insurance market, emphasises Bernard Retali. LIMRA International recently conducted a workshop in Dubai on the topic of ‘Changing Regulation on Distribution with the Middle East’. Bernard Retali, president of LIMRA Europe, Middle East...


IPMI: Fast & Effective

Paul Winstanley, head of Business Development, Generali Global Health, answers questions regarding International Private Medical Insurance in the region. The latest buzzword in the last few months for the health insurance circles has been International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI). Paul Winstanley, head of Business Development, Generali Global Health answers questions...


A Leap to the Future

Experts at Lloyd’s insurance marketplace discuss the Middle East, new products, initiatives and more with Premium. With new theories on the functioning of insurance comes a new world order. That is why it is all the more important to speak about the Middle East and its relevance in this new...

Premium-march-2018-face-to-face-David Healy

Expanding Boundaries

Differentiation is the name of the game in the current market scenario. Insurance companies are in no way taking a back seat, asserts David Healy. In fiercely competitive regional market, insurance companies are in a race to differentiate. And Aetna is no different, by moving the headquarters of the Europe,...


Quest for Quality

Christian Gregorowicz, CEO of Allianz Partners & NEXtCARE, explains why digitising operations is a positive development for the entire healthcare industry. With an insight into how NEXtCARE operates for the past 15 years, and another 18 years in the workings of the TPA and healthcare industry, Christian Gregorowicz believes that...


Investment in Health

Cigna recently launched the findings from the UAE market based on its global 2017 Cigna 360 Well-being Survey. Arjan Toor and Arthur Cozad share insights on healthcare, insurance and the region. Medical insurance has been undergoing comprehensive change from the product it was. Through technology aided and bolstered with data analysis,...


Empower, Personalise, Engage

Richard di Benedetto gives his insight on healthcare and why it should be more personalised. The Gulf healthcare spending currently stands at about USD49.5 billion and is expected to touch USD71 billion by 2020. With such an emphasis on health, insurance companies that are focused on this industry such as...

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